CL: JR九州

Director / Photographer / Story : Yuji Hori
Editor / Photographer: Naoya Deki
Music: Ebizo / lan Post
Coordinator: Kazunori Mori / Osamu Sato
Cast: Takanori Nakamura / Sachiko Matsuura / Masaru Kondo
Hair & make up : Maki Komori

CL: 旭化成ホームズ
HEBEL HAUS  / Life Design Ideas for DOMA

CL: JR九州

Director / Photographer / Story: Yuji Hori
Editor / Naoya Deki
Coordinator : Kazunori Mori / Osamu Sato

CL: JR九州
「ななつ星in九州」公式ムービー 第2章「新たな旅の始まり」

Director / Photographer / Story: Yuji Hori
Editor / Naoya Deki
Coordinator: Kazunori Mori / Osamu Sato


1. お問合せ

2. お見積もり

3. ご契約・お打合せ

4. 企画・構成案

5. 動画撮影

6. 動画編集

7. 音楽編集

8. 修正

9. ご校了

10. 納品・公開

From Inquiry to Delivery

1. Contact Us
If you have any questions or would like a quote, please feel free to contact us using the quote request form.

2. Estimate
We will provide you with a quotation by e-mail based on the information we have received.

3. Contract and meeting
We will conduct a hearing via web conference, telephone, or face-to-face meeting. We will listen to your requests for production and explore your issues and strengths.

4. Planning and composition plan
We will propose the overall structure based on the interviews and materials. We will explain the points to be considered during production.

5. Video shooting
On the day of filming, we ask that you accompany the person in charge so that we can proceed with confirmation.

6. Video editing
We will edit the filmed video in 4K and 6K.

7. Music editing
Editing of music. MA and music production according to the project.

8. Correction
Corrections are made through web conferences, phone calls, and face-to-face meetings. We will make editing adjustments to the details and polish the video.

9. Completion
After the client approves all the contents, we will complete the proofreading. This is the end of the work for the person in charge.

10. Delivery and publication
The data will be delivered as a download or on a USB memory stick. Or, we will upload the data to the designated destination.


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